Chemical Cost Share

Atchison County Noxious Weed department provides herbicides to Atchison County residents for use on Noxious Weeds in Atchison County at 75% of retail cost.

Brand Name Chemical Name  Unit Size Restricted
Escort XP (Metsulfuron) 8 oz bottle  No
Anime 4 (2,4-D) 2.5 gal jug No
Anime 4 (2,4-D) 1 gal jug   No
LoVol Ester (2,4-D) 2.5 gal jug No
Milestone (Aminopyralid) 1 quart No
Remedy (Triclopyr)  1 gal jug  No
Plateau (Imazapic) 1 gal jug  No
Tordon 22k (Picloram)  2.5 gal jug  RESTRICTED USE HERBICIDE